Monday, June 26, 2017

Just Do It

(This blog was originally posted on May 23, 2016)

Photo by Rick Hustead

Nike® has the right idea.

At some point, each of us has to do something we really don’t want to do. Whether it is a task at work or the obligatory visit to a relative, the desire to just “call it in” can be so overwhelming. But at the end of the day, there is nothing else to do but grit our teeth and get it over with.

For example, my horse hates working on the right in the arena. Like most horses, he is more comfortable and more flexible traveling left. I can almost hear his internal groan when I ask him to reverse direction. He still grunts when he has to pick up a right-lead canter since this direction is much more strenuous for him. However, over time the grunting has become less frequent and not quite so loud. In fact, my trainer and I agree that Galahad travels better going to his off-side. 

The same is true for people, too. When we have to do something we don’t enjoy or want to do, it is easy to slack off and do a less-than-stellar job to complete the task. However, we quickly learn that rushing through a project we don’t enjoy just to get the job done often produces more work in the long run. Whether your boss points out the sloppy work or a client notices the lower quality performance or you experience the consequences of a poor design first-hand, no one benefits a lack-luster performance. 

It is true that time passes whether we do the job right or put “just enough” work into the project to get it done. However, in the latter case we usually end up spending more time making up for the errors we didn’t (bother to) catch the first time. So, why not just do it?

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