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Dominant Laws of Suggestibility: Law of Delayed Action

(This blog was originally posted on February 23, 2015

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One of the most effective suggestibility techniques I use is the law of “Delayed Action.” Here, I provide a specific suggestion that is designed to work at some point after the hypnosis session in which it is introduced. The timing may be several hours or even week(s) after I have introduced it during the hypnotherapy session.

 For example, if a client’s most significant “trigger” to smoke a cigarette is after eating the evening meal I will create the hypnotic script that incorporates suggestions that the person engages in a specific alternative behavior at that time. At the beginning of the session I will ask the client about various activities that he or she enjoys doing, such as going for a walk or playing a board game with the kids, etc., to replace that undesired behavior. When the person is in hypnosis I will drop a suggestion into the person’s subconscious mind that he or she will engage in that desired, enjoyable behavior after eating instead of lighting up. The key to this technique is that the hypnotic suggestion only kicks in when the specific situation presents itself: in this case, after a meal. 

Depending on the client’s suggestibility (how the person learns), I will use a direct and literal suggestion for the physical suggestible client or a more inferential one for an emotional suggestible person. The key is to use language to which the person’s subconscious mind will most readily and easily respond whenever a subconscious trigger “kicks in” the delayed-action suggestion.

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